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The process of buying property in Bulgaria

Process of buying

So, you`ve decided to buy an apartment or a house in Bulgaria, so that you can have a  with the whole family in summer or move to a permanent place of residence in this sunny country. First of all you need to consider the real estate offers presented on our website. Choose one or more options that you are interested in and contact our manager through the request form to get detailed information about the object. The specialists of our company will help you to buy profitable real estate in Bulgaria.

The next stage is a tour of acquaintance / tour of real estates. We are happy to help you with organizing this trip. If you have never been to Bulgaria, our experts will show you the coast, will acquaint you with the advantages and disadvantages of this or that area.

When you have looked at all the objects of interest to you and decided to buy, you can make a deposit for the option you like. The deposit is a standard deposit of 2000 Euros and is subsequently deducted from the cost of the house/apartment. The deposit can be paid in Bulgaria in person or by a transfer in case of remote purchase of real estate. The deposit is valid for about 1 month and during this time the apartment is not offered to anyone else.

A preliminary agreement is concluded if you purchase property from the developer. It is necessary to make such a contract and when buying real estate in installments.

Payment for the purchase and sale of real estate in accordance with the law in Bulgaria is only through a bank transfer. If you buy a secondary property in Bulgaria, the payment usually occurs on the day of re-registration of the property. If you buy real estate from a building company, payment is made preliminary on the basis of the preliminary contract, as well as on the bank transfer.

Notarial re-registration of real estate occurs after full payment confirmed by notary at the location of the property. For example, if the facility is located in the municipality of Nessebar, then it can only be reissued from one of the three notaries who have the right to work on the territory of the Nessebar District Court. It is very important to know that when the property is being reissued the buyer will have additional costs, in addition to the value of the property. These expenses include notary fees, a single tax on the purchase of real estate, etc. On average, all these costs are about 4-5% of the cost of the apartment. The procedure for signing the contract of purchase / sale / notarial act / takes half an hour /, but a registered document on the property can not be collected immediately. Under the law, a notary must return it to the district court for registration. In different municipalities, it takes from 1 to 3 working days.

Our experienced lawyer accompanies clients at all stages of the transaction, as well as after re-registration of the property. In particular, it is engaged in registering a new owner in the Bulstat registry, in the tax service, re-registering meters for water and electricity for a new owner.

We will always be happy to help our clients and after buying real estate in Bulgaria. If you need to make repairs or buy furniture, or if you have any questions regarding life in Bulgaria, we will always be happy to help you!