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Налоги в Болгарии

Annual property tax in Bulgaria. Taxes in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe, making the country very attractive for investment in real estate. The amount of the property tax in Bulgaria depends on the cadastral / tax / valuation of the property. This is the so-called. Government assessment of real estate / analogous to the BTI assessment in Russia, for example. The property tax is 0.15% of the estimated value of the real estate for individuals and 0.20% for the legal entities.

Together with the real estate tax, the fee for the disposal of household waste is also paid. Each municipality establishes the amount of this fee each year, but averages from 0.15% to 0.20% of the estimated value.

All these payments can be paid in 4 installments: by the end of March, the end of June, the end of September and the end of November of the current year. Those who pay until March 31 receive a 5% discount.

VAT on VAT is 20% regardless of the type of goods or services.

It is also important to know the amount of income tax for those who rent out their property. The income tax in Bulgaria is 10%.

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