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Changes in the taxation in Bulgaria in 2019

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Changes in the taxation in Bulgaria in 2019

Since the end of 2018 there has been a change in the taxation of cars in Bulgaria. The tax calculation system will no longer be directly proportional to the vehicle's power and year of production.

Until 2019, all cars with a capacity of up to 74kW benefited from the tax treatment, and from 2019 the tax on motor vehicles up to 74kw will be calculated by including an ecological component depending on the Euro standard of the vehicle. These cars, which are Euro 3 and lower, will have a tax increase of 10-30%. Cars from Euro 4 to Euro 6 will receive a 40-60% discount. For example, a car in Burgas with a Euro 5 rating and a power of 74 kW will pay 34 leva and a car with the same power and Euro 2 standard will pay 74 leva.
This tax calculation system will apply from 2019 for all new and used cars. The idea is that more environmentally friendly vehicles from Euro 4 to Euro 6 will have a tax discount of 40-60% and those from Euro 3 to Euro 1 will have an increase of 10-30%.

From 2019 year entirely drops the payment of a low tax on N1 car. Accordingly, the tax will be calculated as for all others cars.

Since 2019, the vignette in Bulgaria is already entirely electronic and does not have to stick a sticker. Prices of vignettes remain the same as in 2018.