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Property in Bulgaria for pensioners

Bulgaria is one of the most favorable countries for the purchase of real estate by pensioners. There are several reasons for this:

  •     Mild climate;
  •     Slavic culture and close mentality;
  •     Lack of language barrier;
  •     A large number of sanatoriums and health centers offering treatments at different prices;
  •     Property prices in Bulgaria are still quite affordable for foreign retirees;

What privileges does a pensioner receive - the owner of real estate in Bulgaria?
First of all, pensioners, owning property in Bulgaria, can apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria in a lightweight manner. For this we need documents translated into the Bulgarian language confirming the status of the pensioner, confirmation from the bank that there is enough money for living, and medical insurance.

Where better to buy property for a pensioner?
This is a very subjective question. You need to personally come and see all areas with your own eyes. Some people like the north coast in the Varna region, where it is always cooler than on the south. But many people choose the southern coast, the Bourgas region, precisely because here in summer and in winter the temperature of both sea water and air is always a couple of degrees higher than on the northern coast.

What property is better to buy pensioners?
This is also subjective, but there are several points to which you should pay attention:

  1.     First, if you buy an apartment in a guarded complex with a swimming pool, be sure to pay attention to the size of the annual maintenance fee. It can be quite low, 150-250 Euro per year. But there are complexes that are quite expensive to maintain, where you need to pay more than 1000 Euros per year.
  2.     Secondly, if you choose a property in an ordinary residential building, without a maintenance fee, this does not mean at all that you will not pay anything for the maintenance. In such houses, they also collect a certain amount every month for the work and maintenance of the elevator, for the electricity in the landings and for cleaning the entrance.
  3.     Finally, if you decide to buy a house with land in the village, you need to remember that the Bulgarian villages are not very well-developed infrastructure. In order to go to a doctor or buy medicine, you will have to go to a nearby village or to Burgas.

Having a property in Bulgaria and living here permanently, you can travel throughout Europe. The distance from the coast of Bulgaria to the border with Serbia is only 400 km. To the border with Turkey to go only 75 km. And in Bulgaria itself there are a huge number of attractions that can be visited throughout the year. In winter, you can go to the ski resorts, and in the summer in the same cities, everything is arranged for hiking in the mountains.
The stable political situation in the country, the favorable climate and the goodwill of the local people make living in Bulgaria very pleasant and calm.

Be welcome to the sunny Bulgaria!