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Peculiarities of the Bulgarian national cuisine

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Peculiarities of the Bulgarian national cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine is very varied and tasty. There are a lot of salads, bakery products, stews as well as specific dishes that you can taste only in certain areas of the country. Many of the dishes are cooked according to old recipes transmitted from generation to generation for centuries.
The most typical products that Bulgaria is famous all over the world are yogurt and white brine cheese. In various forms they are always present on the Bulgarian table. One of the most famous and preferred snacks in the country is the banitsa. It is a bakery product that can have different fillings - cheese, spinach, rice, meat, etc. Other popular snacks are pancakes, “buhti” – it is like a pancake but small and thick stuffed with white cheese, fried on a hot oil, “mekici” – it is a yeast dough fried in a hot oil, fried slices of bread with seasonings, and so on. They are all very delicious, served with jam, honey or Bulgarian yoghurt. The country produces vegetables with exceptional taste. Therefore, in our culinary tradition, salads take on a decent place. The most popular Bulgarian salad is the Shopska, but there are others that are worth to be experienced - Shepherd, Harvester, Snezhanka, Kalugerska, Dobrudzhanska, salad of roasted peppers and many others. One of the most popular starters is the Tarator. It is a cold soup made from yogurt, cucumber, dill, chopped walnuts and spices. Soups and clear soups are also popular in the country - a bean soup with an incredible taste you can taste in the region of Smilyan in the Rhodope Mountains, interesting recipes for fish soup in the Black Sea and Danube.
At the main dishes some of the most popular dishes are grilled – meatballs - Kebapcheta, skewers, sausages and others. Various dishes are also prepared in Bulgaria in pots - Chomlek, Kavarma, Kapama (in Bansko region) and others. Another favorite Bulgarian dish is small or large Sarmi. Vine leaves or leaves of sauerkraut are stuffed with minced meat and rice or only with rice and seasonings. They are very popular in the region of Thrace, traditionally served with homemade yoghurt.