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New cultural center in Nessebar with the award "Building of the year 2018".

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The new center of culture and education "Atrium" in Nessebar received national recognition and was named the winner in the competition "Building of the Year 2018" in the category "Buildings of Culture and Monuments of Culture".
As a result of a consistent design and capital policy this year, the municipality acquired the Atrium Center for Culture and Education, a building that makes the architecture of the city modern and attractive. During the construction of the building, the basic principles of Nessebar architecture were followed without imitating specific forms or imitating a given historical epoch. The building follows the logic of the Nessebar house, while the materials used are a replica of a traditional stone ground floor and wooden upper floors with dynamic bay windows.
The cultural and urban center of Nessebar is a new place for the development and enrichment of all types of cultural activities in order to preserve the cultural continuity that has given Nessebar world-wide recognition.
The building is located in the city center, on the main street leading to the old town. It will be held public events organized by the municipality of Nessebar, as well as study circles, library and theatrical activities.