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Hello everybody! My name is Lena, I am from Germany. I would like to thank the work of Nadezhda Zotova. With her, we have purchased property in Bulgaria and were very pleased with my husband. I haven’t met such a professional job for a long time, and even more so I couldn’t imagine that everything would be like this in Bulgaria. At this difficult time, during the pandemic, during the Crona, we were going to buy ourselves an apartment, to fulfill our dream. We thought about it for a long time, but somehow it didn't work out. And so, this year, despite all these difficulties with Corona, with all the tests, we flew to Bulgaria in April. Nadya met us and accompanied us all this time. We looked and chose. Moreover, I want to emphasize - we watched what we wanted. Everything was chosen so professionally that even if, while viewing the apartments, we changed our minds about what and how we wanted, Nadya would catch it without words and showed us exactly what we wanted.

In general, I want to say: in 2 months everything was ready, we have already bought this apartment. We were very pleased, so I just can't help but thank Nadezhda Zotova. This is not enough to say, we were satisfied. All this passed, and we became the owners of real estate in Bulgaria - all thanks to Nadezhda.

If someone has a desire, or has such a desire to fulfill their dream of owning real estate in Bulgaria, I would advise only to contact her. We heard a lot, we were advised a lot, there are many relatives who have already bought real estate there from Germany. They advised one, another, someone else. There are very good people who advised us Nadezhda, and we were not mistaken in our choice. Therefore, if there is such a desire, then only to her. Very professional, at such a high level. Even in Germany and Russia, I think, you will not always meet such a person who devotes himself to work all and always, despite the fact that she has a family, a child..... .

Thank you very much again, Nadya, for helping us to make our dream come true on a professional level. Thank you!

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