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Hi guys, my name is Ewelina. Me and my husband we’ve just bought beautiful apartment on the seaside, next to the swimming-pool. I would like to show you how it looks like quickly. And I just want to say “Thank you very much” for the agency which helped us to do all the formal things from the beginning. We have been staying in Poland and we made all this and we just came on the place and we already had an appointment with our notary to sign the contract. And just have a look what we have!
The apartment has 45 meters. It’s just a bathroom and one big living-room with small kitchen. I can say it’s amazing studio flat with beautiful view to the swimming-pool and to the seaside. Our localization is at the hotel resort Midia. So we have all extra-inclusive things included here, so we don’t have to go out. We are so happy with this address. Thank you very much, Nadia for your help from the beginning, thank you for being with us, thank you for support and thank you for such a quick way to do all the formal things. So now we are going to enjoy our holiday.
Best regards, guys! Bye!

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