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Bulgarian Citizenship

How can I get Bulgarian citizenship? There are several grounds for becoming a Bulgarian citizen.

The first of these is citizenship by naturalization. According to Article 12 of the Law on Bulgarian Citizenship, a person who is not a citizen of Bulgaria, if he meets one of the following requirements by the filing date of the application:

  •     Is an adult;
  •     At least 5 years ago, she received permission for permanent or long-term stay in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  •     It was not convicted of a deliberate crime of a general nature by a Bulgarian court and no criminal case was formed against it for such a crime, except if it has already been re-evaluated;
  •     He has an income or occupation that gives him the opportunity to support himself in Bulgaria;
  •     He speaks Bulgarian, which is established in the manner determined by the Minister of Education, Youth and Science;
  •     Exempt from other citizenship or will be released from it at the time of the adoption of Bulgarian citizenship. (The exception is the spouse of a Bulgarian citizen).

Bulgarian citizenship can be obtained in a shorter period, or more precisely in 3 years, if, in addition to the conditions described above, the candidate answers to one of the following:

  •     Registered marriage with a Bulgarian citizen for at least 3 years;
  •     Candidate is born in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  •     Permission to permanent or long-term stay was obtained before the person became an adult.

Also, the basis for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is:

  •     Bulgarian origin;
  •     adoption by a Bulgarian citizen subject to full adoption;
  •     one of the parents is a Bulgarian citizen.

The law regulating the issues of Bulgarian citizenship excludes the possibility of obtaining citizenship only on the basis that the foreign person is the owner of real estate in Bulgaria.

Another reason for obtaining citizenship - special services to the Republic of Bulgaria. On this basis, a foreign person can obtain Bulgarian citizenship if it is in the interests of the country or the person has special services to the state in the public and economic spheres, in the field of science, technology, culture or sports. The merits in the economic sphere include the presence of foreign investment in the country, which could help the development of the economy and increase employment in the labor market. Foreign investment must meet the following requirements:

  •     Should be associated with the creation of a new enterprise, with the expansion of an existing enterprise or activity; with the expansion of the production of the enterprise / activity with new products, with significant changes in the holistic production process of the existing enterprise or activity.
  •     Must be carried out in the specific economic activities described in the PNELI, industrial activities - processing industry; in the services sector - activities in the field of information technology, research and development, education, humane health care and medical and social care with accommodation; warehousing of goods and support activities in transport. Priority investment projects include, for example, investment projects related to research and development activities, environmental protection, assistance to workers in unequal conditions and workers with disabilities.
  •     Revenues from the investment project should be at least 80% of the total income of the enterprise.
  •     The term of the investment should be up to 3 years from the start of work on the project to its completion.
  •     In one object, the size of the investment varies from 2 million. up to 20 million leva.
  •     At least 40% of the costs must be financed from their own resources.
  •     Must create and maintain employment, directly related to the investment project.

Investments should be supported for at least 5 years, and for small and medium enterprises - at least 3 years. The minimum investment is 1 million lev.

Our experienced lawyers can advise you on all matters relating to obtaining Bulgarian citizenship.