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Anna and Alexander, Moscow

My name is Anna Alexandrovna, I am 60 years old, I am from Russia, Moscow. I want to thank and make a low bow to the company “BG Adres” and the realtor who helped my husband and I to buy here, in Bulgaria, real estate, which is located in Sunny Beach, is the closed Orchid Fort complex, - Nadezhda Zotova. For her attention, understanding and, I will tell you, hard work. She created us great comfort in terms of service. She drove behind us, drove to the bank, to a notary, to a lawyer, without her we simply would not have coped! We received much attention and advice from Nadezhda Zotova. She met us when we arrived. The first time was on January 4, the second time was on February 24 in Varna! Since there were no tickets to Burgas, we flew to Varna. Nadya met us, this is a huge amount of work and time! Can you imagine how much pleasure we got by talking to Nadezhda. This is a smart, competent, hardworking, cultured person in all respects !!!
We are very pleased with the choice of real estate, in which Nadezhda Zotova took part. Once again, we want to thank and make a low bow to Nadezhda! We want more professionals like Hope to be in this difficult matter.
Today is the first day of spring! All the flowers that grow with us, in Russia, and in Bulgaria, we give Hope!
Regards, Anna and Alexander


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