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Alexander and Lubov, Germany

After buying an apartment in Bulgaria, we want to thank Nadezhda and Mikhail for their help and support in this.
The idea of ​​buying a home on the sea has been with us for a long time. But somehow everything was postponed until later.
Until they heard from friends that their children bought an apartment on the recommendation of acquaintances through the Bureau BG ADRES Ltd. We contacted the manager Nadezhda Zotova by phone. Discussed with her all the concerns. The information was accurate and understandable. During the first visit to Bulgaria, we were shown 4 apartments. Nadezhda was with us all day. Always calm, patient and kind. My husband and I intuitively trusted her. She did not exaggerate anything, openly pointed out all the pluses and minuses. Honest and decent person.
During the second visit, we bought an apartment without delay within a maximum of 1-1.5 hours. All certificates, documents, copies, translations were carefully prepared by Nadezhda for a meeting with a lawyer and a notary. Professionalism, experience, knowledge of the business is felt. Everything went in an atmosphere of friendliness, courtesy and, most importantly, reliability.
I would like to wish Nadezhda and Mikhail great success in their work, successful development of their business.
In the circle of our acquaintances, their clients, they are spoken of as honest, reliable managers.
And another important fact is that they do not lose contact with their customers in the future. You can contact them at any time for help and advice. And in a foreign country it is very important.
Sincerely, Alexander and Lubov.

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