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Third year record tourists growth in Bulgaria.

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The increase in attendance tourists in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is developing as a sustainable tourist destination. This shows statistics for the third year in a row, which indicates an increase in visits of foreign tourists to the country.
This was stated by Deputy Minister of Tourism Irena Goranova during the information campaign to promote investment in tourism and the urban environment, provided using financial instruments within the framework of the Operational Program “Growth Regions” 2014-2020.
The projected growth in tourists to our country by 2017 was about 5%, but the facts show significantly better results. More than 6,900,000 foreign tourists chose Bulgaria for holidays between January and August 2018. This is more than six percent compared to last year, and there are still four months left before the end of the year.
Revenues from international tourism by July this year exceed 2 billion euros, which is 8.1% more than in the same period last year.
Bulgaria attracts more and more foreign visitors, tourists and investors with a balanced price offers, favorable and lightened tax policies, affordable real estate prices and high quality service.