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The new route will link Aheloy and Pomorie in 2018.

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A new road in Aheloy

At the end of 2017. began a complete reconstruction of the road connecting Bourgas Sunny Beach between Pomorie and Aheloy. The ambitious project foresees an investment of 21 500 000 rubles, and bringing the road into a first class four lane, 18km long
Because of its year-round congestion of the main road between Burgas and Sunny Beach is of strategic importance for the region that fully justifies its reconstruction. The basic idea of reconstruction is not only expanding, but also to facilitate vehicular traffic, mainly through us. place of Aheloy. The extension begins with a bypass Pomorie and over the detour of the city of Aheloy.
It is planned that part of the road will pass through the territory of the reserve is included in Natura 2000. Provide for special measures for the protection of the reserve and its inhabitants, will be built smoothradio screens, gutters and walls. Test objects will be built in the vicinity of residential complex of the city of Aheloy.
The municipal authorities and the contractor to complete the work, before the active tourist season.