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With a wealth and variety of thermal waters of Bulgaria is one of the richest countries in Europe. With its more than 600 registered mineral springs of Bulgaria takes 2nd place in Europe. More than 80% of these spas have therapeutic properties, the temperature of their waters varies from 20 to 103 °C. Most of the mineral waters derived from great depth, which guarantees their 100% clean water. Since centuries the useful properties of mineral water were well-known. Treatment with mineral water strengthens immunity, helps cleanse the body of toxins. Its proper use can successfully influence the treatment of severe diseases.

In Bulgaria there are many SPA resorts, whose water is diverse in terms of chemical composition, temperature and properties.



The town is known as the SPA capital of the Balkans. Velingrad is the first place in Bulgaria to enjoy and diversify its mineral waters, whose temperature varies between 28 and 91 degrees Celsius. Their number exceeds 70. The hottest in the Kamenitsa neighborhood is 91 degrees. Here is the largest karst spring in Bulgaria - Lake Kleptuza.

The mineral water in Velingrad has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system, improvement of the state of neurological diseases, kidney-urological, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. The hotels at Velingrad are ready to meet the most exquisite expectations of the tourists, offering well equipped SPA centers, swimming pools and restaurants.



There are about 80 mineral water springs with a temperature of 42 to 81 ° C in the area of Sandanski. The mineral water has weak mineralization and rich chemical composition. The combination between Mediterranean climate and mineral water springs has beneficial effect on the treatment and prophylaxis of diseases such as chronic diseases, motor-based systems, peripheral nervous systems and others.

There are about seventy hotels in different categories in the town. There are a lot of different excursions from Sandanski. Close to the resort is the historical town museum Melnik, famous for its natural rock formations and wine production, the village of Rupite the place where the great prophet Vanga lived.


Sapareva Banya

The resort is located in western Bulgaria, 70 km south of Sofia, below the northern slopes of Rila Mountain. Here is the thermal spring with the highest temperature in Bulgaria 103 degrees Celsius. This is the only geyser-fountain in Bulgaria and continental Europe. The water here heals diseases of the musculoskeletal system, of the perifereal nervous system, gynecologist diseases of the skin, upper respiratory tract, etc.



The resort is already part of Sofia and is the closest to the capital city spa resort - only 17 km. The city is famous for its mineral water whose surface temperature is 36.5 - 37 degrees Celsius. The water is low in mineralization, low in hardness, clear odor with very pleasant taste. Water is suitable for everyday use and can be bought in convenient bottles. It is used for successful treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system.



Probably the oldest spa resort in Bulgaria. In this place since the prehistoric times there have been settlements of the ancient Thracians attracted by the healing properties of the local mineral springs. At the beginning of the first century AD, the Romans settled on these lands. They built the magnificent city of Diocletianopole, its ruins are preserved today and they are a national monument of culture.

The modern town of Hissarya is located in close proximity to the Plovdiv city. On the territory of the resort there are 22 mineral springs, all of which are in close proximity to each other. The surface water temperature is from 41 to 52 degrees. The mineral waters in Hissar help in the treatment of many diseases, and are also favorable for a general restoration of the organism. Modern SPA hotels of different categorization work in the town.



The Devin resort is located high in the Rhodope Mountains. It will fascinate you with its tranquility and silence, and the clean mountain air will help you recover faster and strengthen your immunity. Devin is famous for its mineral springs, the temperature of which is from 16 to 76 degrees Celsius. Water can be used for treatment and recovery. Well-being of the locomotor system, upper respiratory diseases, etc. The hotels in the city are just wonderful with modern spa centers and all amenities.


Stara Zagora mineral baths

The resort village is located in Surnena Gora, 370 meters above sea level, 15 km from Stara Zagora. The mineral water here springs from a depth of 1600 meters with a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. The water has low mineralization and medium hardness. The mineral water here is useful for improving the general health condition of the human, and good diseases of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system, kidney diseases.

The resort itself is not very large. Clean air and beautiful mountainous terrain are favorable for walks in a tranquil setting. On the resort's territory there are year-round two high-category SPA hotels with modern SPA centers.