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Public swimming pool wit mineral water in Vetren

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Public swimming pool wit mineral water in Vetren

After exploring the possibilities, the municipality of Burgas estimated that there will be an opportunity for the pool in the sports complex in the Vetren neighbourhood to be filled with mineral water from the local mineral spring. In this way, the swimming pool facility becomes unique because it gives an exceptional opportunity to residents and guests to take advantage of the healing properties of one of the natural resources in the region.

Currently in the pool and around it repairs and reconstruction are being carried out in preparation for the active summer season, damaged tiles are being replaced, cleaning and maintenance of the service installations are being carried out.

The mineral water from the springs in "Vetren" has a temperature of about 37 degrees. By the time it reaches the pool, it cools to 27-30 degrees. The two prophylactic sanatoriums in Vetren, as well as the fountains at the entrance to the historic complex, which are publicly accessible for filling and use of the mineral water, are supplied with water from the mineral springs.

The pool is expected to open to visitors by June 10. The swimming pool at the Flora Expo Center is currently being prepared for opening. This year he will start working earlier than usual, and the scheduled date for the start of the season is May 28. One of the reasons for this is the upcoming State Water Polo Championship, which will be held at the swimming complex.