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New swimming pools with mineral water near Bourgas

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New swimming pools with mineral water near Bourgas

This year, there is a proposed plan for the construction of mineral water pools in the Bourgas district of Vetren. The main idea is for the pools to be publicly available as part of the project for construction of the exhibition and demonstration center "The Mineral Waters of AquaCalide" - Burgas. The whole project for restoration of the old facilities and buildings, the excavations and the construction of new facilities are financed by a Euro program to Burgas Municipality. It is planned to build a complex with two swimming pools near the rebuilt Turkish bath of Suleiman Magnificent dated from the XVI century, which is unfortunately only open for view but not for use. Swimming pools will be located on two separate levels, one for adults and one for children. The project envisages all facilities and new mineral water pools to be included in the structure of the "Mineral Waters of AquaCalide" - Burgas. Thus visitors and residents of the city will be able to take advantage of the healing properties of the mineral water and also to familiarize themselves with the history and historical sights of this place.

The mineral water that springs in the area of ​​Bourgas Mineral Baths is characterized by the following characteristics: surface temperature (41 ° C), poor mineralization (0.604 g / l) and also chlorine-hydrocarbonate-sodium, high alkaline reaction (pH 9, 95), silicon (94 mg colloidal metasilicic acid in l), moderate fluorine (8 mg fluorine in l), with a total flow rate of 36 liters per second or about 3 million liters per day. The mineral water is clear, colorless, odorless and with very good drinking and flavor properties, which contributes to the very low water hardness (0.3 ° C or so-called "soft" water).