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The city - resort of Sunny Beach

Hello, maybe you have already encountered the problem of choosing a place, city or resort for recreation or residence in Bulgaria? Most likely you heard a lot about Sunny Beach, and the information was both positive and negative. And this is not surprising. Every person has his own requirements, emotions, and worldview. Here in this short article I will try to give you as much information as possible, which will certainly help you to shape your view on this resort city!

The most significant and largest resort on the southern coast of the Black Sea is of course Sunny Beach, located between the cities of Nessebar and Sveti Vlas in the bay shaped arc facing south. The climate is characterized by warm, sunny summer with an air temperature of 26-30 degrees, and water in the sea in summer is, on average, 20-23 degrees. The beach strip is more than 10 km, its width exceeds 60 m in places, the sand is bright yellow, grainy and clean. In 2011, the beach of Sunny Beach received the Blue Flag prize, which is awarded for the cleanliness of the environment. 

On the territory of Sunny Beach there is everything for every taste, hotels and residential complexes, offering all the modern amenities for an active and relaxing holiday, exquisite and unpretentious restaurants, cafes and the most trendy night bars and discos where fashionable foreign stars and DJ often come. It has everything - supermarkets that work year-round, bank offices, a post office, safe playgrounds, a bus station that starts convenient transport links to all cities in Bulgaria and all this infrastructure and amenities are created for you, an ordinary tourist or a resident of this resort town! Everything is done so that a person feels comfortable at the resort without depriving himself of the amenities of a big city. But you do not think that Sunny Beach is a place where you will definitely be among the many tourists, the district noise and tourist bustle. For those who want more calm, quiet enjoyment of the southern warm sea and the sun there are luxury complexes with villas, townhouses and apartments offering small private beaches or poolside areas where you can break away from the usual tourist hustle and bustle.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a home in Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach - beautiful complexOf course, many may say that Sunny Beach is too big, a noisy resort-like resort, but this is the ego and the main advantage! Despite the fact that the resort itself is very densely built up in it there is no lack of greenery and even during the hot Bulgarian summer everything remains green and flourishing, you do not feel clutched by large monolithic buildings, and even often you just do not notice them. Years of experience in the organization and construction of tourist, residential, entertainment and public facilities at this place are paying off. Another feature of Sunny Beach is the abundance of different real estate offers, both in price categories and in the quality and type of housing. Here everyone can afford to buy and buy real estate! A rich choice affects positively the prices of apartments, houses, apartments. Prices for housing in Sunny Beach are a little lower than similar offers in other resort cities. Another interesting feature of the resort is that seasonality is felt sharply here. After a stormy summer full of emotions, autumn and winter are quiet and calm here. Many residents of Sunny Beach do not live year-round at the resort and leave to return in the summer or spring. But the absence of many settlers of the resort does not adversely affect the work of the city’s infrastructure, yet about 20% of the resort’s residents live on this place year-round. Many restaurants, shops and public places operate in the winter and summer. Public transport operates in the city all year round. Our advice is that if you decide to live all year round at the resort, then choose a suitable complex that continues to serve the settlers at all times of the year, in this regard, you can fully trust our specialists. We will be happy to share our experience.

And if you still have questions, please write to us. Even if it is not directly related to Sunny Beach, we will be able to quickly answer all the questions related to Bulgaria!