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Flights to 85 destinations in 25 countries were promised from Burgas airport

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Flights to 85 destinations in 25 countries were promised from Burgas airport

The Burgas airport welcomed the first tourists for the 2024 season on the last day of March. The flight arrived from Poland and was operated by Ryanair.

This season the airline will operate 10 routes. On March 31, the first planes arrived from Krakow (Poland) and London (UK). In April, flights will begin from Vienna (Austria), in May - from Kaunas (Lithuania) and Warsaw (Poland), and in June from Dublin (Ireland), Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Poznan and Gdansk (Poland) .

Another carrier, Wizz Air, will operate flights connecting Burgas airport with 9 destinations in 5 countries, namely: Vienna (Austria), Budapest and Debrecen (Hungary), Gdansk, Katowice, Lublin and Warsaw (Poland), Tel Aviv (Israel) ) and London (UK), which is carried out year-round.

On April 28, for the first time, Discover Airlines will begin operating regular flights from Frankfurt to Burgas, which will operate twice a week.

EasyJet airline will continue its summer program with flights to Burgas on May 12 with flights from Manchester (UK), in the last week of June - from two European capitals - London (UK) and Berlin (Germany).

Bulgaria Air resumes regular flights Sofia – Burgas on June 2.

In mid-June, Eurowings will begin operating flights from 4 German cities to Burgas (Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne and Hamburg), and in early July, flights will begin for the first time from Salzburg (Austria).

In the summer of 2024, an exceptionally diverse charter program is expected at Burgas Airport, with the first charter flights already operating in the first half of May. It is expected that tourists from Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Poland will arrive on these flights, and charters from Germany will begin in the second half of May. For the first time, Fly Lili airline will operate charter flights from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic to Burgas.

After a 10-year pause, TUI Deutschland will once again operate flights from Burgas to the German city of Hannover.

This season, Spanish tourists will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Southern Coast of Bulgaria thanks to direct flights from Madrid to Burgas.

For the first time in the history of Burgas Airport, charter flights will be operated from another country of the Iberian Peninsula - Porto (Portugal). And another completely new market - Kosovo. The first charter flights from the capital of the Balkan country, Pristina, are expected in June.

Another completely new airline for Burgas Airport is FlyOne Armenia, which will operate charter flights from another capital, but from the Caucasus region - Yerevan.

Following the success of last year's scheduled flights from the Latvian capital Riga to Burgas, this year Latvia's national carrier Air Baltic is adding another route, this time from the Estonian capital Tallinn. Flights from the two Baltic capitals to Burgas will be operated 2 times a week and will begin at the end of May.