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Buy real estate for permanent residence in Bulgaria - an apartment or house. Real estate in Bulgaria for pensioners.

When we have plans to buy ourselves a second home abroad or move to a foreign country for permanent residence, everyone asks the question - How to make the right choice and not be mistaken? Buying an apartment or house, especially for moving to a permanent life in a foreign country to us, is always accompanied by the solution of a large number of issues. But the first question always remains the same, and it is - In which country to buy real estate for permanent residence? Bulgaria is a small country, but with a large selection of proposals for the purchase of real estate for moving to permanent residence. The climate in the country is diverse, from moderately continental and mountainous in the middle of the country to subtropical and maritime in the southern and eastern parts of the country along the sea coast. A stable economic and political environment, friendly people and, most importantly, still acceptably low prices for apartments and houses. Real estate for pensioners in Bulgaria is very affordable. A residence permit for pensioners is issued in a simplified form. The offers can be divided into properties along the Black Sea coast and in the interior of the country. The most attractive cities for permanent residence in the central part of Bulgaria are Plovdiv and Sofia. The cost of housing in these large cities is quite high, with the average apartment price starting at € 50,000. The most popular cities for buying a home for permanent residence along the sea coast of Bulgaria are, of course, Burgas, which is located in the southern part of the country and Varna in the northern part of the country. In the south of the Bulgarian coast, the most suitable cities for permanent residence are Pomorie, Nessebar, Ravda, Aheloy, Primorsko, Tsarevo and of course the regional center of Burgas.

On our website you will always find fresh offers for inexpensive real estate in Bulgaria for retirees or just for your family to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence. Our experts will help you decide on the choice of a house or apartment, city or resort, real estate in a complex with leisure facilities and security or without a maintenance fee. For your individual order, we will find the offer that suits you both in quality and in price!

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Apartment in Sarafovo with sea view | №1990
Sea view!
03.05.2021 Sale, Apartment Sarafovo, Burgas

We offer for sale a spacious panoramic apartment on the first coastline in Burgas. The apartment is located in the Santa Cruz complex, in the Sarafovo quarter. All rooms of the apartment offer a...

85 000 ID 1990
31.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Primorsko

BG Adres real estate company offers for sale a 2-room apartment in a residential building in Primorsko. The house is located close to the center and shops, at a distance of about 700 meters from...

41 000 ID 1963
Apartment for permanent residence with a sea view in Sarafovo | No. 1959
Sea view!
29.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Sarafovo, Burgas

We offer for sale a small 2-room apartment with a sea view in Sarafovo. The apartment is located in a new residential building, without an annual maintenance fee, just 150 meters from the descen...

42 000 ID 1959
25.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Sunny Beach

We are offering for sale an inexpensive 2-room apartment in the very center of Sunny Beach resort. The complex is located in close proximity to a year-round working supermarket, bus station, the...

26 500 ID 1956
16.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Nessebar

We sell a 2-room apartment in a residential building in Nessebar. The building is located in the new area Black Sea. There are several supermarkets, a kindergarten, pharmacies, cafes in the area...

37 500 ID 1947
Luxury apartment in Sveti Vlas | No. 1946
⚡ Discount ⚡
15.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Sveti Vlas

Spacious apartment with a veranda in an elite complex. The Admiral complex is located in the center of Sveti Vlas, next to year-round shops. It is great for permanent residence. The territory ...

52 500 ID 1946
Large apartment for permanent residence in Nessebar | No. 1941
⚡ Discount ⚡
15.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Nessebar

We sell a large spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms in a residential building in the town of Nessebar. The building was built in 2019. It is located in an area with a well-developed year-round in...

69 900 ID 1941
12.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Sunny Beach

Large spacious studio in the very center of Sunny Beach. Complex Grand Kamelia is located in an area with year-round infrastructure. Nearby there is a large year-round supermarket, bus station, ...

23 000 ID 1939
01.03.2021 Sale, Apartment Nessebar

Excellent furnished studio in the resort town of Nessebar. The apartment is located in the Black Sea area, in 350 meters from the sandy beach. Distance to the center of Nessebar - 13 minutes on ...

24 990 ID 1924
Inexpensive studio in Ravda | No. 1918
26.02.2021 Sale, Apartment Ravda

We sell an inexpensive studio in a residential part of Ravda. This is a small complex located 450 meters from the south beach. Near the complex there are shops and a pharmacy. The center of Ravd...

23 900 ID 1918
Luxury villa with pool and plot of land | No. 1912
19.02.2021 Sale, Houses Sunny Beach

Luxury villa with designer furniture in a gated complex with security. The complex was built just 2 km from Sunny Beach. The territory of the complex is completely fenced and is guarded round th...

550 000 ID 1912
Apartment with new furniture in a residential building | No. 1862
We recommend
19.01.2021 Sale, Apartment Pomorie

BG Adres real estate company offers for sale a spacious one-bedroom apartment in a residential building in the seaside town of Pomorie. The building was built and commissioned in 2019. There is ...

65 000 ID 1862
Apartments in Sarafovo by installments | No. 1854
We recommend
13.01.2021 Sale, Apartment Sarafovo, Burgas

New apartments in Sarafovo from the developer. The residential building is being built in the central part of the town of Burgas quarter, and at the same time on a quiet and calm street. House...

32 946 ID 1854
07.01.2021 Sale, Houses Bourgas

We are offering for sale a new one-storey house in a village not far from Burgas and from the seashore. The village is located just 25 km from the regional center of Burgas and 25 minutes by car...

68 000 ID 1849
Inexpensive apartments from the builder in Sarafovo | No. 1838
Installment payment
17.12.2020 Sale, Apartment Sarafovo, Burgas

We offer new apartments for permanent residence in Sarafovo, a residential quarter of the town Burgas. This residential building is without annual maintenance fee, and it is being built on a qui...

39 028 ID 1838
Apartment with sea views in Sarafovo | No. 1837
Sea view!
17.12.2020 Sale, Apartment Sarafovo, Burgas

BG Adres company offers for sale a 2-room apartment with sea views in Sarafovo. The residential building is built on the first line from the sea, close to shops, a bus stop and other amenities. ...

52 500 ID 1837