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Burgas has become the second largest city in Bulgaria

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Burgas has become the second largest city in Bulgaria

In the last few years, Burgas has become one of the fastest growing cities in Bulgaria. Recent studies show that the city has already occupied the second largest area in Bulgaria. According to official data, Burgas covers an area of ​​254 square kilometers. Sofia - 492 sq. Km and is the undisputed leader. In third place is Varna with 154 sq. Km, and in fourth place is Ruse with 127 sq. Km. Plovdiv, which is second in Bulgaria in terms of population, ranks only fifth with 102 square kilometers. Followed by Stara Zagora and Pleven, respectively with 86 w 85 km2.
The main reason for Burgas to take second place is the expansion of the city in the last few years. The Black Sea region and the village of Rudnik have recently become a part of the city. Now the sign for the beginning of the city is located at the junction for these two settlements and only 4 km from the town of Kableshkovo. This is a pretty big extension. Five years ago, the Vetren and Banevo neighborhoods became part of Burgas, which also increased the area.
It is possible that the settlements of Tvarditsa, Dimchevo, and probably the village of Marinka will soon join the town. But this is only a hypothesis.
The area of ​​Meden Rudnik, which is 10 km from the city center, has a great merit for increasing the area of ​​the city.
In terms of population, Burgas is in fourth place in the country with 219,500 inhabitants who have a permanent residence permit. In fact, the people who live in the city are definitely much more - about 235 - 240 thousand people.